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The Future of Nursing Begins in the Classroom

Wichita conference addresses crucial elements in nursing education

Wichita, KS – In late July, 145 participants from 28 Kansas counties (as well as one in Missouri) gathered for the “Clinical Teaching Institute and Kansas Nurse Educator Conference,” an annual

event that brings together nurse educators in higher education from all over the state.

Designed to promote the professional development of the nurse educator, the event offered attendees opportunities to network with, and learn from noted experts within the field.

Along with in-state nurse educators who presented their expertise and research, the event also brought in featured speakers from out of state.

Marilyn Oermann

Marilyn Oermann

Marilyn Oermann, Ph.D., RN, ANEF, FAAN, from the Duke University School of Nursing in Durham, North Carolina, and co-author of the book “Teaching in Nursing and the Role of the Educator,” addressed the group on topics such as:

  • “Are your Teaching and Assessment Strategies Built on Evidence?”
  • “What Does the Research Tell us?”
  • “Evidence-Based Approaches Across Settings to Teaching/Learning and Assessment”
Kelly J. Dries
Kelly J. Dries

Kelly J. Dries, Ph.D., RN, Director of Consultations for NurseTim, Inc. at Wolters Kluwer Health in Waltham, Massachusetts, presented on the topics, “The Roles, Challenges, Attributes and Mindset of a Leader in Nursing Education Today” and “Guiding Principles and Strategies for Building and Leading Effective Teams.”

Attendees came away from this event with new ideas for developing classroom activities that require clinical judgement, identifying trends in medication errors and examining strategies to meet faculty mentoring needs.

One participant wrote, “Thank you for another excellent conference! I appreciate the effort and success at putting together valuable presentations.”

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