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Night @ the Lab Contestants Advance to State Competition at KU Medical Center

Every year, Night @ the Lab crowns regional champions who showcase exceptional talent, dedication and knowledge.

Have you ever wondered how students dive into the fascinating world of health care research and presentation? Night @ the Lab, an extraordinary team-based competition, provides a remarkable platform for students to create compelling presentations on various health-related topics. This unique annual event not only challenges their research and presentation skills but also nurtures their ability to focus on broad health care questions. 
LOGO: Night @ The Lab
logo: Night @ The Lab
Night @ the Lab is brought to life by KU Medical Center Area Health Education Center (AHEC). The competition prompts students — mostly from smaller communities throughout the state — to craft presentations based on health-related subjects, demonstrating their prowess in focusing their research efforts. What's more, Night @ the Lab serves as a testament to the importance of research, innovation and health care knowledge in our ever-evolving world. 
The subjects for the regional participants' presentations are decided by the AHEC, drawing from vast question banks that cover a range of health-related topics. For this year's competition, the questions revolved around the intricate domain of cancer, fostering in-depth exploration and understanding of this critical health care issue. 
Every year, Night @ the Lab crowns regional champions who showcase exceptional talent, dedication and knowledge. This year, we are proud to introduce the regional winners, the future of health care excellence: 
  • Ashley Picazo, Keysi Rodriguez and Antonyo Ortiz from Junction City High School 
  • Hrithik Ranganathan, Nixon Banister and Zander Gluckman from Olathe North High School 
  • Siena Vargas and Tanner Black from Golden Plains High School 
  • Karley Forsyth, Aden Meyers and Avery Elofsson from Wichita Collegiate High School 
  • Varun Rastogi and Trisha Rastogi from Blue Valley High School 
What's next for these exceptional winners? They are invited to KU Medical Center December 5 and 6, where they will compete against one another for the top prize and embark on a journey of discovery. During this visit, students will have the opportunity to explore various departments, connect with fellow students from across the state and gain invaluable insights into the health care world. 
To ensure fairness and expertise in the final competition, judges are selected from the esteemed KU Medical Center faculty. These judges possess in-depth knowledge related to the competition's theme. For this year, the competition aims to secure judges from The University of Kansas Cancer Center, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the students' remarkable presentations. 
The students’ visit will include an interactive session open to all KU Medical Center employees on December 6 from 9-10 a.m. in the School of Nursing Atrium. During the gallery walk event, the winning teams will display their presentations and engage in discussions with faculty and staff members. This event provides a unique opportunity for these hardworking students from across Kansas to interact with health care professionals, showcasing their talents, passion and potential. 
Night @ the Lab is not just a competition; it's a journey of exploration, innovation and inspiration. As these students continue to pave the way for the future of health care, we eagerly anticipate their remarkable contributions to the ever-evolving health care landscape. 

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