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Growth of Kansas HOSA Signals Strength of Rural Programs

Across the amber waves of Kansas, a remarkable growth story is unfolding.

Across the amber waves of Kansas, a remarkable growth story is unfolding. The driving force behind this progress is none other than our very own Kansas HOSA: Future Health Professionals.

Supported by KU Medical Center Area Health Education Center, Kansas HOSA isn't just an organization; it's a vibrant community of students ranging from sixth grade through post-secondary education, mostly from rural communities, and all bonded by a shared passion for health care careers.

kansas hosa leaders
Kansas Hosa leadership

The defining feature of Kansas HOSA's recent journey has been explosive growth. With over 15 new charters for chapters and a membership that currently stands at 1003 and growing, the future looks incredibly promising. This meteoric rise from 553 members in 2017 can be attributed to several factors, including the desire of students to actively engage, improved communication from the state level, and a strong commitment to meet students' needs, interests, and requests.

logo: HOSA KANSAS future health professionals

In January 2023, Tina Goosz-Garetson assumed the role of state advisor for Kansas HOSA, a role that she had served in an interim capacity since October 2022. Tina said that working with Kansas HOSA students has been an inspiring, humbling and immensely rewarding experience, and she is honored to guide these aspiring health care leaders. With such exponential growth, the future of Kansas HOSA shines even brighter. The organization envisions forging stronger partnerships with stakeholders, offering a wider array of learning opportunities and scholarships and greater support for attending the International Leadership Conference. Kansas HOSA aims to become a substantial part of the solution to the health care workforce shortage.

Tina Goosz Garetson
Tina Goosz-Garetson

HOSA offers members a family-like environment where support and camaraderie are paramount, Tina said. Equally important are the incredible networking opportunities and connections that students gain through HOSA. These connections often lead to remarkable experiences and open doors to professional opportunities for students.

“I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with these students and, hopefully, help shape their future,” Tina said.

Kansas HOSA's journey is not just about growth; it's a narrative of dedication, aspiration and limitless potential. As Kansas HOSA continues to break new ground, it paves the way for a brighter future in health care.

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