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Regional Conference to Address Human Trafficking and Exploitation

Attendees will gain insights into the two major forms of human trafficking: sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

PITTSBURG, Kan.  — A conference focusing on the profound impact of human trafficking in the Midwest will take place on September 30, 2023, at Pittsburg State University. The Regional Human Trafficking and Exploitation Conference, cohosted by the KU Area Health Education Center, will focus on educating attendees and raising awareness of this important issue.

The insidious crime of human trafficking transcends boundaries, targeting individuals from diverse backgrounds, including the most vulnerable populations such as children and young adults. The conference's primary objectives include:

  • The Regional Human Trafficking and Exploitation Conference: SEPTEMBER 30, 2023, 8:!5-3:15 p.m., McPherson Hall, PITTSBURGH STATE UNIVERSITY
    The Regional Human Trafficking and Exploitation Conference
    Understanding Human Trafficking: The conference will commence by providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of human trafficking, a widespread issue that affects millions of people globally.
  • Types of Human Trafficking: Attendees will gain insights into the two major forms of human trafficking: sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Understanding these distinctions is imperative for efficacious prevention and intervention efforts.
  • Federal Definitions: The conference will delve into the legal dimensions of human trafficking, demarcating between victims above 18 and those under 18, while also expounding on the legal definitions of traffickers. This knowledge holds significant importance for law enforcement agencies and legal professionals.
  • Recognizing Red Flags: Participants will be equipped with the ability to discern human trafficking red flags and indicators. This knowledge empowers community members, educators and health care professionals to identify potential victims.
  • Recognizing Common Health Problems in Victimized Persons: Attention will be given to the observance of common health problems, physical issues, and markings often found among those in a trafficking situation, such as specific tattoos and outward signs of abuse.

The Internet, Pornography and Human Trafficking: The conference will underscore the evolving connection between human trafficking, the Internet and pornography. With the rapid evolution of technology, traffickers are increasingly utilizing online platforms for exploitation. Understanding this link is pivotal for effective prevention and intervention efforts.

If you’re a physician or nurse, or in social work, mental health or law enforcement, please consider registering for this important event. For more information, email Mark Bolinger of KU Medical Center Area Health Education Center.

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