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Annual Workshops Draw Participants Statewide for Enhanced Hearing and Vision Screening Skills

Area Health Education Center (AHEC) offers yearly hearing and vision screening workshops across Kansas.

The KU Medical Center Area Health Education Center (AHEC) is proud to announce its yearly offering of hearing and vision screening workshops is well underway and attracting participants from all corners of the Sunflower State.

These workshops, designed to equip health care professionals, nurses and service providers with essential skills and knowledge in vision and hearing screening, have become a statewide cornerstone for ensuring that individuals, particularly children and youth, receive timely and accurate screenings to detect vision and hearing impairments.

Vision Screening and Assessment Workshops

The Vision Screening and Assessment Workshops, a cornerstone of AHEC's annual offerings, focus on providing comprehensive training in vision screening theory and practices. These workshops are meticulously tailored to cater to the needs of nurses and service providers working with children and youth.

Key objectives for vision screening include:

  • Describing vision screening requirements for children and youth.
  • Demonstrating competencies in conducting age-appropriate and evidence-based vision tests.
  • Identifying common childhood vision defects and appropriate detection methods.
  • Highlighting the significance of referrals and follow-up in vision care.
  • These workshops empower participants to perform standardized vision screening techniques, enabling early identification and intervention for visual impairments in young populations.
Level One Hearing Screening Workshops
  • Level One Hearing Screening Workshops are dedicated to equipping health care professionals with a comprehensive understanding of hearing screening. This level covers fundamental concepts, including the basic anatomy and physiology of the ear, common hearing disorders and the signs and symptoms of hearing loss.
  • Workshop objectives for Level One hearing screening encompass:
  • Explaining the hearing screening law and its importance in early identification.
  • Demonstrating hearing screening techniques for the pediatric population.
  • Identifying screening environments conducive to accurate results.
  • Analyzing audiograms and interpreting hearing screening results.
  • Recording and maintaining hearing screening results accurately.

Participants learn to perform visual inspections, listen checks and various screening procedures, such as air conduction sweep frequency screening, threshold screening, play audiometry procedures and otoacoustic emission screening. The emphasis is on providing the knowledge and skills necessary for informed decision-making and appropriate follow-up.

Level Two Hearing Screening Workshops

Level Two Hearing Screening Workshops delve deeper into the complexities of hearing screening, addressing current issues and advanced techniques. Participants in this level gain expertise in tympanometry, otitis media, infant-toddler hearing screening and interpreting developmental scales.

Workshop objectives for Level Two hearing screening include:

  • Understanding tympanometry and its role in hearing screening.
  • Identifying risk factors for hearing loss in infants and toddlers.
  • Administering paper screening tools and interpreting results.
  • Recognizing valid results and the need for referral.
  • Recording precise records of hearing screenings.

AHEC offers these workshops annually to equip health care professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct comprehensive hearing screenings and provide early intervention, especially for young patients.  These workshops play a pivotal role in ensuring that individuals receive timely and accurate screenings, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for many.

By fostering expertise in hearing and vision screening, AHEC underscores its dedication to improving health care access and outcomes for Kansans of all ages, setting a standard of excellence in the field.

See our remaining 2023 Hearing and Vision Screening Workshops Schedule.

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