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KUMC Testing Services

Testing and Evaluation

Learn about the different solutions KUMC offers for secure testing

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Testing Services supports an online Computer Testing Center (CTC) located in the A.R. Dykes Library. The CTC is used by the Schools of Medicine, Health Professions, and Nursing throughout the academic year. For platforms used for testing, please see below.

Testing Technologies


Richard J. Barohn, M.D., Andra Lahner, BSN-RN, Mario Castro, M.D., MPH, Jeffrey Burns, M.D., and Elisabeth Pauley, BSN-RN. Photo by Elissa Monroe, KU Medical Center.
Testing Services supports the high-stakes testing platform Examplify (ExamSoft). This is used by students for a secure, network-connection-free session. It is downloaded on our University-owned devices and can also be downloaded to student-owned devices. ExamSoft is the leading provider of educational assessment technology. Their secure assessment platform allows educators to more efficiently create, administer, grade, and analyze assessments with the goal of improving student performance and streamlining curricular design and accreditation reviews.

ExamSoft offers unparalleled exam security combined with comprehensive and customizable data reporting that provides a holistic view of both course performance and student performance, from an entire class to individual students. With ExamSoft, faculty, staff, and administrators at every level get access to the in-depth learning analytics needed to make data-driven decisions, making a powerful and lasting impact on student learning, engagement, and retention.
Please contact Testing Services for further information or visit the ExamSoft Official Site.

Blackboard and Respondus

Richard J. Barohn, M.D., Andra Lahner, BSN-RN, Mario Castro, M.D., MPH, Jeffrey Burns, M.D., and Elisabeth Pauley, BSN-RN. Photo by Elissa Monroe, KU Medical Center.

Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor are tools to improve security for Blackboard online testing

LockDown Browser is a customized browser installed on all CTC testing computers that secures a student's online testing environment by preventing copying and pasting and navigation away from Blackboard tests. Respondus LockDown Browser is integrated into Blackboard and can be added as an exam requirement by toggling a simple setting. 

Respondus Monitor adds an additional layer of security by providing automated proctoring using a student's own webcam. As CTC testing computers do not have webcams, Monitor cannot be used in the CTC. Learn more about Respondus.

Computer Testing Center

The Computer Testing Center (CTC) is located in the Dykes Library. With seating for over 190 students, group testing in a secure environment is a high priority. The main rooms (G026 and G027) allow seating for 60 students per room, for a total of 120. Three additional classrooms are also available that can seat 18, 24, or 31 students. For students who meet ADA requirements, single-station rooms are available that can be used for extended testing.

While largely used for testing purposes, the CTC is available for other events. The extensive size of the CTC allows the room to be divided into two smaller, separate rooms. The smaller classrooms are frequently used for regularly scheduled classes throughout the semester. Whiteboards and overhead projectors are in place in the classrooms, and the CTC has large projector screens.

All rooms are equipped with a computer system that has the monitor placement below the desktop, creating a flush, smooth style that eliminates the need for students having to peer around a bulky monitor screen.

Surveys and Evaluations

KUMC has a variety of online survey tools including: EvaluationKIT, REDCap, and Poll Everywhere. We can design the questionnaire, deploy e-mail notifications to participants, manage the collected data, and report the results for your evaluation or survey.

Compared to paper surveys, web surveys provide you with:

  • Faster Response Rates: Questions can be answered by selecting an option or typing in a text box.
  • Faster Reporting: Built-in reporting features analyze the data whenever you are ready to create your reports, even seconds after receiving data from participants.
  • Less Cost: Online surveys can reduce printing and mailing expenses.

​​EvaluationKIT is designed for administering course, instructor, and program evaluations, although it can be used for any survey where the respondents are primarily members of the KUMC community. EvaluationKIT is managed and supported by TLT. TLT staff can assist with questionnaire design, survey management, data collection, and reporting. 

RedCAP is most frequently used for research purposes, although it can be used for general-purpose surveys as well. The Medical Informatics Office provides support and training for RedCap. 

Poll Everywhere is a web-based response system that allows you to assess, survey, and obtain feedback from your audience. With Poll Everywhere, you can embed multiple choice questions, word clouds, and clickable images directly into your presentation for an interactive experience.

Last modified: Apr 14, 2021