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KUMC Media Production

Media Production

Learn about how KUMC strives to provide the latest in media productions

Meet the Team

Media Production at the University of Kansas Medical Center is designed to accommodate faculty and staff in involving students both local and remote in an ideal learning environment, by producing various types of media to create a successful learning experience for both teachers and students. The Media Production staff achieves this through various, unique formats that facilitate learning with three different approaches: In-room Classroom Technology, for independent or technician-assisted use; Video Conferencing, featuring ITV services, that include live streaming and event recording; and Media Production Services where the Media Production Specialist will devise various types of on-camera presentations for shooting in a studio or on-location. All areas are overseen by a staff that maintains and utilizes state-of-the-art trends and developments in media technology to enhance the learning environment.

Classroom Technologies

Richard J. Barohn, M.D., Andra Lahner, BSN-RN, Mario Castro, M.D., MPH, Jeffrey Burns, M.D., and Elisabeth Pauley, BSN-RN. Photo by Elissa Monroe, KU Medical Center.

Classroom Technology features various audio and video options that assist the presenter in delivering information to the audience.

Easily accessible control panels are located in most classrooms. The panels allow the instructor to control the room system in displaying video sources in different ways, whether it be from the in-room computer, or wirelessly, through the Air-Media sources, including compatible portable devices (such as iPads, cell phones, notebooks, laptops, etc.).

In-room audio is designed to offer sound options including wireless or wired hand-held or lavalier microphones, as well as wireless Catchboxes for Q & A sessions and group discussion.
Additionally, there are in-room phone systems, as well as a desktop application for self-recording called Panopto.

Images are displayed throughout the classroom via projector/screen, and on LCD video monitors. Media Production Specialists may assist the presenter for the event.

Video Conference Solutions

Richard J. Barohn, M.D., Andra Lahner, BSN-RN, Mario Castro, M.D., MPH, Jeffrey Burns, M.D., and Elisabeth Pauley, BSN-RN. Photo by Elissa Monroe, KU Medical Center.

Video Conferencing is available in ITV-capable rooms featuring point-to-point codec connections between the room itself and various far-end sites. Based on the needs of the client/event, ITV may be preferable to a web-based conferencing system because it offers better conference control, higher resolution video, and cleaner audio. A Media Production Specialist will be present to assist in the ITV process.

Media Production Services

Self-Service Production Studio

Media Production Services offers many types of on- and off-camera productions towards creating various types of presentations: educational, instructional, testimonials, interviews, small panels, demonstration, as well as live coverage of major events. This includes video-shooting, lighting, sound, editing, post-production effects, and project delivery

Production Studios

Content production is the process of developing and creating visual or written assets, such as videos, classroom discussions, interviews, and much more. The Self-Service Content Development Studio can be utilized for content productions of smaller scales by the instructors and faculty of KUMC. The ​Full-Service Content Development Studio can be utilized for content production for the instructors and faculty of KUMC.

Depending on the project, one or more Media Production Specialists will be necessary for project completion. For more information please contact:

(913) 588-5980

Last modified: Apr 14, 2021