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Testing Technologies


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Testing Services supports the high-stakes testing platform Examplify (ExamSoft). This is used by students for a secure, network-connection-free session. It is downloaded on our University-owned devices and can also be downloaded to student-owned devices. ExamSoft is the leading provider of educational assessment technology. Their secure assessment platform allows educators to more efficiently create, administer, grade, and analyze assessments with the goal of improving student performance and streamlining curricular design and accreditation reviews.

ExamSoft offers unparalleled exam security combined with comprehensive and customizable data reporting that provides a holistic view of both course performance and student performance, from an entire class to individual students. With ExamSoft, faculty, staff, and administrators at every level get access to the in-depth learning analytics needed to make data-driven decisions, making a powerful and lasting impact on student learning, engagement, and retention.

Please contact Testing Services for further information or visit the  ExamSoft Official Site.

Blackboard and Respondus

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Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor are tools to improve security for Blackboard online testing

LockDown Browser is a customized browser installed on all CTC testing computers that secures a student's online testing environment by preventing copying and pasting and navigation away from Blackboard tests. Respondus LockDown Browser is integrated into Blackboard and can be added as an exam requirement by toggling a simple setting. 

Respondus Monitor adds an additional layer of security by providing automated proctoring using a student's own webcam. As CTC testing computers do not have webcams, Monitor cannot be used in the CTC. Learn more about Respondus.

Teaching and Learning Technologies

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