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Student Engagement Technology

The concept of student engagement technology is predicated on the belief that learning improves when students are inquisitive, interested, or inspired, and that learning tends to suffer when students are bored, dispassionate, disaffected, or otherwise disengaged, As instructors, we desire to increase student engagement through our interactions with students.

In his often-cited work, Moore(1) , identifies and describes the three types of interaction that should occur in an effective course: learner-content, learner-instructor, and learner-learner. However, learner-content interaction is often the primary focus in many online courses, and Moore asserts that all three interaction types should be included in an effective online course.

TLT provides technology solutions to increase the variety of interactions within your courses:

(1) Michael G. Moore (1989) Editorial: Three types of interaction, American Journal of Distance Education, 3:2, 1-7, DOI: 10.1080/08923648909526659

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