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Teaching in Our Spaces

Active Learning

This approach allows students to "learn by doing," where students use their critical thinking skills to address the activity rather than watch or listen to a recording or lecture.  One way instructors might promote this approach would be assigning a learning activity such as a reflection assignment which would have students read, discuss, and write.  This would allow students to use their critical thinking skills and help focus the student on realizing their own attitudes and values rather on just transmitting knowledge.

Flipped Classroom

students in a large room within the HEB buildingThis method expects students to prepare for learning activities by watching videos or reading articles and book chapters outside of class. This "flip" will allow students to analyze/synthesize the content within instruction time instead of individual work outside of class by way of discussions or collaborative learning activities (Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Team-Based Learning (TBL), unstructured group case studies, etc.)

Learner Centered

This strategy allows instructors to share learning space with students where students are given control of their learning.  The role of the instructor changes from having to orchestrate the learning for the students by allowing them to take control and become self-directed learners instead.

Teaching and Learning Technologies

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