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Learning spaces at the University of Kansas Medical Center are designed to accommodate mobility and flexibility of student-centered learning activities based on SCALE-UP and TEAL pedagogies. These spaces are carefully designed with flexible furniture and technology to facilitate interactions both for large and small classrooms and individual/group study spaces. In these spaces, students are engaged in hands-on learning activities or simulations not only within the KUMC learning spaces but also are able to engage with peers via web conferencing tools to our campuses in Salina and Wichita. The learning spaces are equipped with similar and equitable technologies ranging from interactive displays, upgraded wireless bandwidth, recording appliances, and use of Catch Boxes (toss-able microphones).

The goal of these learning spaces is to provide faculty and students the flexibility of instruction and learning styles and encourage more student-centered instruction. As much research is being done over the past few years on learning spaces, there's been much discussion, evaluation, and research of the role of lecture and its place in the classroom and online courses.  Depending on variables, such as class size, discipline, instructor's teaching philosophy, etc. other strategies (i.e. Active Learning, Flipped Classroom, Learner-Centered, and POGIL - just to name a few) have surfaced with some being highly adopted and recommended in our learning spaces.

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