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Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellows

Listed below are the IGPBS alumni who were awarded the Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship.  Past Self Graduate Fellows can be viewed on the Society of Self Fellows website.

Student Year Mentor and Department
Nadia Alissa 2018 Dr. Nikki Cheng, Cancer Biology
Jenna Frick 2019 Dr. Julie Christianson, Neuroscience Graduate Program
Emily Roberts 2020 Dr. Vargheese Chennathukuzhi, Cell Biology and Physiology
Rena Stair 2020 Dr. Kyle Baumbauer, Neuroscience Graduate Program
Megan Myers 2021 Dr. Jeffrey Bose, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, and Immunology
Skylar Bird 2022 Dr. Michele Pritchard, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
Alexandra Berkowicz 2022 Dr. Randal Halfman and Dr. Russell Swerdlow, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Diana Najera 2022 Dr. Vargheese Chennathukuzhi, Cell Biology and Physiology


Scholar of the Year

At the end of each academic year, the IGPBS Advisory Board and IGPBS instructors select one student as "Scholar of the Year." This selection is made on the basis of academic performance and classroom participation. Previous winners are listed below:

Student Year
David Matye 2017-18
September Numata   2018-19
Vivien Drummond 2021-22

Dr. Mark J. Fisher Instructor of the Year

At the end of each academic year, current IGPBS students cast their votes and honor one outstanding faculty member as "Instructor of the Year."  This award is in memory of the late Dr. Mark J. Fisher, Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  Dr. Fisher was committed to the educational program and research at the Univeristy of Kansas Medical Center's School of Medicine, and to the students that attended the university. The past winners are listed below:

Instructor Year
Peter Baumann, PhD 2009-10
Aron Fenton, PhD 2010-11
Mark Fisher, PhD 2011-12
Gustavo Blanco, PhD 2012-13
David Albertini, PhD 2013-14
Chad Slawson, PhD 2014-15
Mark Fisher, PhD 2015-16
Bret Freudenthal, PhD 2016-17
Christy Hagen, PhD 2017-18
Gustavo Blanco, PhD 2018-19
Bret Freudenthal, PhD 2019-20
Michele Pritchard, PhD 2020-21
John Thyfault, PhD 2021-22
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