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Hadley W. Wyre, M.D.

Hadley Wyre portrait
Associate Professor, Urologic Surgery

Professional Background

Dr. Wyre completed his medical degree at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. He then went on to complete his urology residency at Emory as well. He subsequently completed a fellowship in trauma/reconstructive urology at Grady Memorial Hospital/Emory University before coming to Kansas City to complete a 2-year Society of Urologic Oncology (SUO) fellowship at the University of Kansas Medical school in urologic oncology. He Has been on faculty at the University of Kansas Medical School since completing his fellowship in 2014. He specializes in male reconstructive urology as well as urologic oncology. His main area of interest in oncologic reconstruction which encompasses the surgical correction of issues arising from cancer treatments. These problems included fistula, strictures, and radiation damage to the bladder, urethra, prostate, and ureters.

Education and Training
  • BS, Univ. of Richmond
  • Internship, General Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  • Residency, Urology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  • Clinical Fellowship, Trauma and Reconstructive Urology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  • Clinical Fellowship, Urologic Oncology, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, KS
Licensure, Accreditations & Certifications
  • American Board of Urology
  • Kansas State Board of Healing Arts
  • State of Georgia Composite Medical Board
  • State of Missouri, Division of Professional Registration
Professional Affiliations
  • American College of Surgeons, Fellow, 2018 - Present
  • American Urologic Association, Urology Video Education Committee, Member, 2018 - Present
  • Kansas Chapter of American College of Surgeons, Member, 2018 - Present
  • American Board of Urology, Diplomate, 2017 - Present
  • American Urologic Association, Urology Video Education Committee, Member, 2017 - 2018
  • Kansas Urologic Association, Member, 2015 - Present
  • South Central Section of the American Urologic Association, Member, 2015 - Present

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