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Student & Alumni Perspectives

Student spotlight

Madison Boshers
Madison Boshers, Master of Science in Health Informatics Student

In December 2020, Madison Boshers finished her first semester in her Master of Science program, studying health informatics with a clinical focus. Boshers said, "I always knew I wanted to continue my education and stay in healthcare. I decided health care informatics would be the perfect way to incorporate my bachelor's degree in nursing, into a career transition."

Bosher works as a registered nurse at The University of Kansas Health System. Pursuing a degree that allows flexibility with her job was a priority when Boshers considered a graduate program. Ultimately, Boshers chose KU for the program's online format. Boshers said she enjoys her coursework and feels connected to online peers and faculty through discussion boards.

Boshers offers advice to future students: "Do your research and see what jobs are out there and consider if you would enjoy them. Know that you can come from any background and pursue this degree. Don't limit yourself."

Upon graduation, Bosher hopes to work at Cerner Corporation as a consultant or in The University of Kansas Health System's Health Information Technology Department as a clinical specialist.

Alumna spotlight

Tasneem Daude
Tasneem Daud, Master of Science in Health Informatics Alumna

Tasneem Daud, M.S. '18, said she enjoyed her time as a Jayhawk and loved the opportunity to use her own work experience in her coursework. Daud said, "We were in groups that represented a wide variety of specialties. We had people that were clinical, technical, veterans, in management and we really learned a lot from each other, and I loved that."

Daud, a team lead at Cerner Corporation, works on the Veterans Affairs projects. She finds her work rewarding and urges others to study health informatics.

"You really can't go wrong with informatics. We are living in the age of information, and it doesn't matter if you are working for a hospital, an IT company or even a mom-and-pop store, everybody digests information," Daud said. "I would say go give informatics a chance. Go through the process with the perspective of, 'Whatever I'm passionate about, how can I use the skills in this program?' and then apply it to that area."

Daud's advice to students is to, "stick with it. There are some parts of the program that are more challenging. The information, the skills, the knowledge gained is absolutely worth it."

Last modified: Mar 11, 2021