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Tuition and Fees

For a complete list of tuition and fees, please refer to the KU Medical Center information in the KU Comprehensive Fee Schedule. You can also use the Tuition and Fees Calculator, just set the options to KUMC Graduate and School of Nursing.

Costs for the program vary and are subject to change. Based on tuition and fee rates set through spring 2021, an estimate for completion of the health informatics graduate certificate program is approximately $13,500 for Kansas residents and non-residents alike. This estimate does not include the cost of books, supplies, insurance or living expenses. Because all courses are online, only limited campus fees apply (i.e. student health, student records, library, and counseling/education support). This amounts to approximately half the normal campus fee amount for spring and fall semesters. No campus fees apply during a summer semester since all courses are taken online.

Last modified: Mar 04, 2021