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Health Informatics


Empowering students, faculty, clinicians and consumers through health information technology.

About the Center

The University of Kansas Center for Health Informatics (KU-CHI) is an interprofessional center of excellence designed to advance health informatics through knowledge, integration, research and empowerment of faculty and students in the expanding field of applied health informatics.


Health Informatics is defined generally as understanding the meaning, relationships and properties of health care information as a basis for healthcare knowledge discovery, information retrieval, storage and dissemination for purposes of supporting the process and evaluation of health care of the public.

Driving Forces

  • Institute of Medicine (IOM) Reports
  • Academic Health Center's Role
  • Role of Center's for Excellence
  • Advancing Information Technology
  • Building on a successful Academic Business Partnership
  • Need for a cultural change

Components of the Center

  • Education
  • Professional Development
  • Clinical Care Processes
  • Research and Development
  • Partnerships
  • Knowledge Management



Last modified: Mar 02, 2021