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Technology - 2021 Virtual Symposium

Virtual Symposium Technology

An overview of the platforms and programs being used to create and host this year's symposium.


Participants who submitted an abstract to the Greenwald Symposium are encouraged to record and submit a Flash Talk. A Flash Talk is a "mini-talk", with a concise, clear explanation of a research project. The Flash Talks are replacing the Posters/Poster Session in this year's Virtual environment. A Flash Talk consists of a brief 3-5 minute project overview and can include slides as visual aids. There are no limits to the number of slides as long as the video is 5 minutes or less. Awards will be given to the most outstanding Flash Talks.


Flash Talk videos are prerecorded and submitted via Dropbox (large file transfer). Instructions for preparing and submitting the videos are included in the attachment above. Once the file is submitted, our event staff will then upload the video and full abstract to the Greenwald Symposium Slack group. Slack will allow for video viewing and an ongoing discussion/commenting. Invites for that group will be sent Monday, October 11th, and all will be available for viewing until Monday, October 18.

Flash Talk videos must be submitted to the Dropbox by Wednesday, October 6 at 5:00 pm.

Greenwald Symposium

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