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Microarray Facility

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Microarray Facility

Mission Statement

The University of Kansas Medical Center - Microarray Facility (MF) was established by the University of Kansas School of Medicine and operates in partnership with the KUMC Genome Sequencing Facility (GSF) and with the support of the Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (KIDDRC) NIH U54 HD090216. The mission of the Microarray Facility is to provide centralized access to high density microarray technology for the advancement of research conducted by investigators of KUMC, Kansas Regents Institutions and member institutions of Frontiers: The Heartland Institute for Clinical and Translational Research .

About the Microarray Facility

The University of Kansas Medical Center established the Microarray Facility featuring the Affymetrix GeneChip® System. Utilizing GeneChip® arrays, researchers can monitor gene/exon level expression in multiple modeling systems and conduct genome-wide interrogations. Microarray data can be downloaded from the Microarray Data Management System (MDMS) for investigator initiated analysis or assistance is available through the KUMC Bioinformatics Core which operates in conjunction with the Microarray Facility.  

Last modified: Sep 06, 2019