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Clinical Information

  • OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, searchable database of dysmorphology and other genetic syndromes, MEDLINE articles, gene map
  • GeneClinics: Medical Genetics Knowledge Base, formerly (Genline), diagnosis, management & counseling for individuals & families with inherited conditions
  • GeneTests (formerly Helix) - DNA diagnostic testing & research information
  • Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention, Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • CLINGEN-L Clinical Genetics Mailing List for medical professionals. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe CLINGEN-L [your name]" to
  • Healthfinder Genetic Resources, select "genetics" for search
  • Cancer Genetics Working Group, National Cancer Institute
  • Blistering Disease Clinic, Stanford, CA - literature, lectures, diagnostic testing
  • Congenital Heart Defect Diagrams RArdinger, University of Kansas Medical Center
  • TERIS (teratogen information system), University of Washington
  • Gene/Disease Specific Information, HuGE Net (Human Genome Epidemiology), Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Medicine and the New Genetics, U.S. Department of Energy
  • GeneCards, database of human genes, products and involvement in diseases, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  • Human Genome Education Model Project II, Georgetown University and the Alliance of Genetic Support Groups
  • Merck Manual:  General Genetics Inheritance of Single-Gene Defects Multifactorial Inheritance Nontraditional Inheritance Chromosomal Disorders Mitochondrial DNA Abnormalities Immunogenetics, Forensic Genetics, Genetic Therapy Congenital Anomalies pedigree symbols pharmacogenetics etc.
  • Genetics Case Studies for Medical Students, Uniformed Services University
  • Genetic Conditions, brief guide to conditions / concerns frequently seen in genetics clinics, United Kingdom, new 5/07
  • Biochemical / molecular genetics

  • World Wide Web Biochemical Genetics Test List , University of California, San Diego, Biochemical Genetics
  • Biochemical genetics sites
  • Clinical Molecular Genetics Society (United Kingdom)
  • EuroGenTest, includes unites on genetic testing: quality management, information databases, public health, new technologies and education, new 5/07
  • Cancer


  • Cytogenetic images and animations, Tokyo Medical College, Department of Paediatircs, Genetics Study Group, Hironao Numabe, M.D.
  • Cytogenetic Sites
  • Chromosomal Conditions
  • Dysmorphology

  • Dysmorphology Discussion Board, editors of Clinical Dysmorphology (for registered professionals), clinical features, photos, and x-rays. Colleagues e-mail diagnostic suggestions, which are attributed and displayed with the patient information
  • Dysmorphic Syndrome Features, UK Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre
  • Syndromology Resources, Russia (diagnosis, databases, education resources, minor anomalies)
  • Consumer / Lay Advocacy Support Groups

  • Genetic Conditions / Rare Conditions Support Groups
  • Genetic Brochures/ pamphlets

  • Understanding Gene Testing brochure - NIH/National Cancer Institute
  • Quick Reference Fact Sheets, March of Dimes (genetic conditions, prenatal series, birth defects and genetics: Genetic Counseling: Who Can Benefit?, How Genetic Counseling Can Help You, Genetic Counseling, other publications)
  • Ten Syndromes Most Commonly Associated With Hearing Impairment, genetic concepts /conditions, genetics and deafness, Boystown, Omaha, NE
  • Genetic Consultation / Counseling: The Process
  • Preconception and Prenatal Genetic Information


  • Before You are Pregnant (pre-pregnancy planning), March of Dimes
  • Contraception choices, RAHatcher, Gynecology / Obstetrics, Emory Univ., Atlanta, GA
  • Maternal Substance Abuse and Child Development, Emory University, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Misconceptions, Pregnancy, Substance Abuse, Caffeine, Cocaine
  • European Teratology Society (ETS)
  • Folic Acid and Prevention of Neural Tube Defects Educational Materials, by CORN education committee
  • Genetic Disorders, brochure, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, risk factors questionnaire
  • Illinois Teratogen Information Service, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago
  • Preconception Screening and Counseling Checklist, (.pdf) March of Dimes New
  • Preconception Information - Baby Net
  • Preconception planning, Obstetrics
  • Pregnancy Forsight Project, Swedish Medical Center
  • Pregnancy Planning, MedicineNet
  • Prenatal Genetic Evaluation and Counseling, the Merck Manual
  • Restricted Preconception Diet for Women with PKU recommended, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)
  • Think Ahead, about having a baby now or in the future, things you can do, March of Dimes
  • Prenatal (alpha fetoprotein (AFP), triple screen, risk of Down syndrome / other trisomies, chorionic villi sampling (CVS), amniocentesis, ultrasound, other diagnostic tests)

  • Fetal tests: Which ones are right for you? CNN August 9, 1999
  • Policy statements on prenatal testing, American College of Medical Genetics
  • Policy statements on prenatal testing, American Society of Human Genetics
  • Three Dimensional Ultrasound Imaging
  • Genetic Screening for Birth Defects, (.pdf file) American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • IVFer's Pregnancy Calculator
  • Due Date Calculator, duedateclub
  • Due Date Calculator & other Important Dates During Pregnancy, Mayo Clinic
  • To Test or not to Test: Prenatal Diagnosis Decisions, InteliHealth Inc., April 2000 New
  • Prenatal Evaluation and Counseling, Merck Manual
  •, ultrasound images, appropriate for medical professionals only
  • Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation,
  • Benefits of prenatal genetic counseling:
  • 1. Guidelines for Clinical Genetics Services for the Public's Health, 1st edition. Council of Regional Networks for Genetic Services, April 1997.   National Maternal and Child Health Clearinghouse 703-356-1964
    2. Burgess, Michael M. et al. Bioethics for clinicians: 14. Ethics and genetics in medicine. CMAJ. 1998. 158:1309-13.
    3. Evans, Mark et al. Integration of genetics and ultrasonography in prenatal diagnosis: Just looking is not enough. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1996. 174:1925-33

    Neuromuscular information

    Reference materials on human genetics

  • Academic Info: Genetics Links & General Resources
  • Archiving Your Family's DNA, KF Duerinck, 2001, DNA home storage kits for future DNA testing (hair, buccal sample, blood on filter paper, other)
  • Council of Regional (Genetic) Networks (CORN) - Genetic Service Networks, newsletters, chromosome Database, X-linked mental retardation database
  • Embryology Resource
  • Exploratorium, Museum exhibit on genetics, San Francisco, CA
  • GeneLink, Inc.(GNLK) DNA Collection kit
  • Genetics & Molecular Biology Resources
  • Genetic Resources on the Internet - Taubman Medical Library, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Human Genetic Mutant-Cell Repository
  • NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository
  • HUM-MOLGEN - Internet Communication Forum in Human Molecular Genetics
  • JAMA Patient Page: Genetics Issue, American Medical Association, November 2001
  • LISTSERV for genetic counselors, National Society of Genetic Counselors
  • MedWeb - Genetics and molecular biology resources
  • OnlineGenetics Resource Center, National Society of Genetic Counselors
  • Genetics Resource Center, University of Pittsburgh
  • Pediatrics and Genetics or Section on Pediatrics / Genetics, Merck Manuel
  • Webliography for Clinical Geneticists, S Holt, librarian,Shodair Hospital, Montana, 1996
  • Old Disease Names and their Modern Definition, Cape Cod Genealogy page
  • Annotated Index of Causes of Death, Tisbury History Home Page
  • Publications

  • American Journal of Human Genetics
  • American Journal of Medical Genetics
  • Journal of Medical Genetics
  • Journal of Genetic Counseling
  • Community Genetics
  • European Journal of Human Genetics
  • GeneReviews
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Clinical Genetics
  • Cancer genetics and cytogenetics
  • Current issues of biomedical journals, hum-molgen (most clinical genetics journals)
  • Classic papers in genetics
  • Clinical Genetic Centers & Departments

    Human Genome Centers

    Genetic Laboratories, Companies

    Resources for Primary Care / Managed Care

    Prevalence of Genetic Conditions / Birth Defects


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