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Topics (blood types, physical characteristics [eye color, birth marks, stature, handedness, other], consanguinity (cousin marriages), colorblindness, other)

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Careers in Genetics (Medical Genetics / Genetic Counseling / Other)


Clinical Genetic Services / locating a genetic counselor


Genetic conditions, birth defects, or rare conditions

Genetic Topics

Blood types [ABO, Rh, Duffy, Kell, Kidd, Lutheran, MNS,other]

Cousins and relationships

Color blindness


Genetics and Alcoholism, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism No. 18 PH 357 July 1992


Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues regarding genetics

Inheritance Patterns

Physical traits

Genetics of Normal Traits, see Nora and Fraser's book, Medical Genetics: Principles and Practice, chapter 9 "Normal Traits", third edition, Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1989. ISBN 0-81-21-1165-6. Normal physical features, eye color, hair color, hair form, baldness, skin color, ear lobes, tongue rolling, handedness, thumb clasping, dental anomalies, webbing of toes, PTC tasting, color blindness, other

Short stature, tall stature

Eye color, hair color

Skin Color

Simian Crease (transverse palmar crease)

Birthmarks (hemangioma, strawberry mark, stork kiss / bite / mark, angel kiss, port wine stain, nevus flammeus)


Human Genome Project


Genetics Education, curricula, books, videos, lesson plans, resources

Frequency of genetic conditions

Prevalence of Genetic Conditions / Birth Defects

Other FAQ (frequently asked questions) sites on genetics:


Multicultural materials, information in languages other than English

Also, search genetics education center, use terms spanish, french, german, chinese, etc.

Parentage Testing (paternity, other identity testing)

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To locate a genetic counselor or clinical geneticist in your area:

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