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The University of Kansas Medical Center Botanic Gardens Map

The overarching theme of the KUMC Botanic Gardens is the connection gardens have to medicine and our health.

2022 KU Medical Center Botanic Gardens Map (PDF)

University of Kansas Medical Center Botanic Gardens map

  • Pollinator Garden- This theme was chosen to highlight the importance of pollination to our health and well-being. Without pollinators, there would be a drastic decrease in access to many different foods that the population relies upon. Consumers would have limited access to essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Learn More
  • Fragrant Garden- The Fragrant Garden was designed to appeal to the sense of smell. The sense of smell enriches our experience of the world around us. Different scents can change our mood. The ability to smell also plays a key role in our health. If our ability to smell declines, it can affect our diet and nutrition, physical well-being, and everyday safety.
  • Chromatic Garden- This garden will have an emphasis on our vision. The garden will be divided into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant will be planted with different plants with the same color palette for a visually impactful display. This garden will also recognize the hard work of the medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Green Roof Garden- The green roof at HEB provides many benefits including air purification. The plants in a green roof system filter particulate matter from the air and convert CO2 into oxygen.
  • Kitchen Gardens- We exhibit alternative vegetable growing methods with the hope that people on campus get the idea that they can grow their own healthy, fresh produce at their homes regardless of space limitations.
  • Cancer Research Garden- This garden features plants that researchers are studying at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. Some of the featured plants are oregano, thyme, and banana plants.
  • Auxiliary Garden- Originally built by the University of Kansas Medical Center Auxiliary, this garden is a wonderful shade garden with a soothing fountain and picnic tables for outdoor dining or a quick time out. The shade creates a refreshingly cool area with protection from the sun.
  • Tranquility Garden- A small, secluded garden offering a seating area for quiet contemplation and outdoor dining.
  • Dr. Storm Water Garden- A memorial garden that offers a shady spot to de-stress and unwind while looking at the beautiful water lilies and watching the fish. The sound of moving water is one of the most relaxing and beneficial for the mind. It has the ability to calm, inspire and heal.
  • Rejuvenation Garden- The existing garden is slated for a major renovation to improve the space by adding a patio for outdoor dining and strategic plantings for a more park-like feel. Studies have shown spending time in green environments can relieve anxiety, stress, sadness, and depression.
  • THRIVE Student Food Pantry Garden- The THRIVE Garden has been a wonderful collaboration between the KUMC Botanic Gardens and the Office of Student Life. The produce grown in the garden is a free resource available to all students to supplement their current food circumstances and to help them meet their basic dietary needs. 
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