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Sorting procedures

Users of the cell sorting facility must read and the standard operating procedures for cell sorting and complete the form at the end of the document.

For tips on cell sorting, please read Sorting Best Practices.

Three categories of samples

Non-hazardous - includes RG1 samples.
Examples - cells obtained from an uninfected rodent, some cell lines (see source of cell line for information).

Hazardous - includes RG2 samples.
Examples - most cell lines (see source of cell line for information), human and non-human primate primary cells, cells from rodents infected with an RG2 agent.

Not permitted - includes RG3 samples.
Examples - cells infected with a replication competent virus, human samples from a patient infected with an RG3 agent.

To schedule a sort, please contact Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory staff.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018

No walk-ins with samples, please!

Reservations for use of the analyzers can be made through Meeting Room Manager. Access to meeting room manager is granted upon the successful training of the investigator by the Flow Cytometry Core Director.

Reservations for the FACSAria can be made by e-mailing Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory staff.