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LSR II and FACSAria IIIu Dye Selection Guide

Choose only one dye for each PMT.
Please discuss your choices with flow core personel as not all combinations are workable.

Excitation LaserDetectorBandpass
Filter nmDye
Violet 405 nm PMT A 740 LP 780/60
PMT B 670 LP 705/70
PMT C 630 LP 640/40
PMT D 595 LP 605/40
PMT E 505 LP 525/50
PMT F   450/50
Blue 488 nm FSC Diode   488/10 Forward Scatter
PMT A 685 LP 695/40
PMT B 505 LP 530/10
PMT C   488/10 Side Scatter
Green 552 nm PMT A   780/40 PE-Cy7
  PMT B 685 LP 710/50 PE-Cy5.5
  PMT C 635 LP 670/30
  PMT D 600 LP 610/20
  PMT E   575/26
Red 637 nm PMT A 750 LP 780/60
PMT B 685 LP 710/50
PMT C   660/20

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018

No walk-ins with samples, please!

Reservations for use of the analyzers can be made through Meeting Room Manager. Access to meeting room manager is granted upon the successful training of the investigator by the Flow Cytometry Core Director.

Reservations for the FACSAria can be made by e-mailing Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory staff.