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Third Party Sponsorships

The University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) will bill a third party agency (sponsor) for a portion or all of a student's eligible tuition and fees as requested by the sponsor. KUMC accepts sponsorships from government entities, private corporations, educational facilities, foreign interests, and military branches. By requesting to sponsor a student, you understand what KUMC will provide you and what you must provide to KUMC to authorize a sponsorship. This must be renewed each term.

 The sponsor will provide the following to KUMC:  

  1. Student's full name and KUID number.
  2. Term for which the authorization is valid (i.e. Fall 2017).
  3. Provide the exact dollar amount or percentage of tuition and fees to be paid. Exceptions and special circumstances (i.e. tuition only, tuition and fees, fees only) must be clearly disclosed.
  4. Provide the sponsor/organization name.
  5. Sponsor's contact name, phone number, fax number, and billing and email addresses.  

* The sponsor will pay KUMC upon receipt of bill. Please note that future sponsorships will NOT be set up until past due sponsorships are paid-in-full. Please also note that sponsorships can be applied to a student's account until the 20th day of classes (approximately one month after the term begins). Thereafter, the sponsor will need to reimburse the student or send a scholarship to KU Medical Center to apply to the student's account.  

KUMC will provide the following to the sponsor:  

  1. Transfer eligible charges from the student's KUMC account as indicated by the sponsor and place a summary of these charges on the sponsor account. Any amount not covered by the sponsor will be the responsibility of the student.
  2. Bill the sponsor on the 21st of each month. If the 21st falls on a holiday or on a weekend, bills will issued the following business day.

Sponsorship authorizations can be mailed, faxed or emailed into our office at any of the following:

University of Kansas Medical Center
Office of Student Financial Accounting
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Mail Stop 4008
Kansas City, KS  66160
Phone: (913) 588-2590
Fax: (913) 588-1040
Email: or
Last modified: Jul 29, 2019