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Getting Started

Why Use FACT?

Currently, faculty activity data are collected in various formats by faculty multiple times a year for reports at the individual, department/center or university level. Multiple data entry is time consuming and leads to errors and inconsistent data. FACT allows faculty to enter their information once, and access their information anytime, from anywhere in the world through KUMC's web based portal using the secure sign on process.  

KUMC implemented FACT from a vendor known as Digital Measures. The company has successfully implemented their software in over 600 campuses similar to KUMC. FACT provides a secure database environment, resources to develop reports, expert knowledge, and access to a community of higher education users. KUMC purchased licenses to use the software that is custom designed to track, organize, manage and report on faculty teaching, research and service activities to internal and external constituents.

Last modified: Apr 05, 2021
Data Confidentiality

The Confidentiality of Information in FACT is governed by Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations Article VII.