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What is FACT?
KUMC is implementing the Faculty Activity Collaboration Tool (FACT,) a secure and reliable web-based software that will be custom designed to track, organize, manage and report on faculty personal data, teaching, research, and service activities to internal and external constituents.

What vendor software is being used for FACT?
Activity Insight is the vendor software from Digital Measures. The company has successfully implemented Activity Insight at campuses similar to KUMC and provides a secure database environment, resources to develop reports, expert knowledge, and access to a community of higher education users.

Who can use FACT?
FACT is a system for Faculty members only. Department administrators will manage data for some faculty in their department. Other individuals responsible for collecting information at the university or school level will also have access to the system. Students will not be granted access to the system.  

Why is KUMC Implementing FACT?
In response to recommendations by the Chancellor's task force and the KUMC leadership, KUMC began its implementation of the FACT system in March 2015.

Currently, faculty activity data is submitted and re-submitted in various formats by faculty multiple times a year for reports at the individual, department/center or university level. Multiple data entry is time-consuming and leads to errors and inconsistent data. FACT will allow faculty to enter their information once, and access their information anytime, from anywhere in the world through KUMC's web-based portal using the secure sign-on process.

What are the benefits of using FACT?
Through FACT, you can quickly respond to requests for information from institutions and organizations i.e. (state legislators, regents, accreditors, chancellor, individual schools, other campus administrators, internal and external funding agencies, etc,) about faculty activity in a particular area as all faculty information will be stored online, ready to report.  

Using Fact will:

  • Provide an easier and more efficient way to track academic and professional activities electronically
  • Improve the current processes
  • Provide an online repository 
  • Streamline reporting processes

Do I have to enter information myself?
Units across campus have chosen a variety of ways to ensure that items are entered into the system. Some units will ask faculty to enter individually the items that have not been automatically entered, while others will rely on administrative assistants and department administrators to help. The system is structured in such a way that others can be given access to accounts to aid in the entering of information.

Who will see my information?
Faculty members will have full access to their own accounts. Full or limited access may be granted to immediate Department Heads, Deans, Chairs/Directors and selected Administrators for reporting purposes.  

Once my information is in the system, how can the information be used?
The most immediate use of the system will be:

  • Annual Performance Evaluations
  • Biosketch (NIH, NSF, etc.)
  • Curriculum Vitae reports
  • Completing Training Grant Tables
  • Generating Faculty Web Pages

Reports can be run in Microsoft Word, as Adobe PDFs or in HTML. In Microsoft Word, the documents are editable and sections may be copied for other uses that faculty may have.  

Will FACT be the same across all schools?
No. The screens, fields, and codes/classifications have been customized for schools. However, FACT will support Campus-wide reporting as a single database for the KUMC campus.

How can I avoid losing progress in FACT?
Save often. There is a 90-minute timeout for FACT. If you are working on a single entry screen for an extended period of time, please save the record and then continue to edit it. There is currently a warning message that displays before a user is timed out after 90 minutes of inactivity.  This message will only display in the window that FACT is open in.

How can I learn more about the security of FACT?
Digital Measures, the vendor behind FACT’s web-based software, provides a secure environment to keep information safe. Visit the Digital Measures website for details about their security measures.  

Who do I contact for more information or help?
Please contact your school representative: