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Having Trouble Accessing FACT?

Once you click the Log In button on this website's homepage, you should get a CAS authentication login screen similar to your KUMC login screen, you should NOT get another log in screen once you have entered your KUMC Username and Password. If that happens, try one of these two solutions:

  1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies.  If you do not want to clear all of your website settings (like usernames and passwords), clear these specific cookies: Digital; Activity;
  2. If you continue to have trouble accessing FACT, please contact us for technical assistance. 

For FACT Assistance Contact:

School of Medicine (Kansas City Campus) - Krista Wimberly (

School of Medicine (Wichita Campus) - Julie Galliart (

School of Nursing - Kayla Williams (

School of Health Professions - Terry Erisman (

Last modified: Jul 20, 2021