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Design and Construction Documents

The third phase of the Project Development Timeline is the Design and Construction Documents.  This usually takes from 6 week to 6 months.

  • Project is either designed by in house architectural engineering staff or outside A/E firm.
  • Progress design meetings with client until final design is established.
  • Construction documents are prepared and reviewed by client.
  • Bids are obtained from in house construction or on call contractors.
  • Revised probable cost estimate and project schedule is provided to client.
  • Project is submitted to state of Kansas Office of Facility Property Management (OFPM), Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM), and local regulatory authorities.

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Project Approval Process

Kansas State Legislative Approval is required for projects over $1M (may take up to a year)

Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) Approval is required for the following project types:

  • Funded/co-funded by the hospital
  • Funded/co-funded by KU Endowment Association or KU Research Institute (Building Committee Review is also required)
  • Construction cost is less than $500K (requires KBOR Director Approval - typically via email)
  • Construction cost is between $500K and $1M (reviewed for approval at KBOR monthly meeting)
  • Construction cost is greater than $1M

KU Capital Project Committee (CPC) approval is required for:

  • Any projects where the total cost exceeds $1M
  • Projects that require a change in land use
  • Projects that require property purchases

KU Capital Finance Committee (Debt Policy Committee) approval:

  • Bonded Projects
  • Total Project Cost is over $1M
  • Capital Leases
Last modified: Nov 07, 2018
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