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Faculty Insight FAQ

Faculty Insight is a portal that allows you, as a faculty member, to see the scholarly works that are presented about you in Experts at KU, but more importantly provides tools to help you identify research funding opportunities, suitable honorific awards and networks based off your profile and activities.

While a prior iteration of Experts at KU existed from about 2017 to 2019, the relaunch of Experts at KU and the availability of Faculty Insight was launched officially to the KU and KU Medical Center faculty in December 2021.

Everyone with an active network account can access Faculty Insight.  However, only certain faculty will have a scholarly profile associated with them. This profile is what is shown in the Experts at KU website.  For reference, these are paid faculty at the medical center, with an appointment of 0.75 FTE at the rank of assistant professor and above, and who are not on the clinical track in the School of Medicine.  For faculty in the School of Nursing and School of Health Professions, all tenure-track faculty are profiled, along with other scholarly-intensive faculty identified by the associate dean for research in these schools. Note: If you have been hired more recently into your faculty position and meet the criteria, it may take some time before you receive a profile. We plan to process new hires about 3 times a year.

In general, articles, conference proceedings, books and book chapters, reviewerships, grants, clinical trials, patents, honorific awards, presentations, performances, exhibits, and other forms of media. Please refer to other items in this FAQ for more details about the scope.

When you log into Faculty Insight, on the home page you will find an information guide and some short videos. These were developed by KU-Lawrence for KU faculty. However, the videos titled “Overview & Search” and “My Profile” are valuable resources that relate well to both campuses and should be your first stop to understanding the navigation and the tools available. You can edit your profile by going to User Settings>Edit Profile. We encourage you to enter a research summary, research interests, and additional research keywords to further help the system refine and tailor funding and award opportunities associated to your profile. It is important to note that KU Medical Center does not use the Activities & Documents aspect of Faculty Insight. Users cannot do any direct editing of the works presented within Faculty Insight. Please contact Matt Schuette, director of institutional research & academic analytics, if you have any questions.

No. Faculty Insight, as KU Medical Center uses it, is not a data entry system. However, some of the works shown in Faculty Insight and Experts at KU do come from FACT. These works are awards and honors at the state/local/university level, presentations, reviewerships, media appearances and memberships.

There are three primary sources referred to as AcA, OSP and FACT in your profile:

  1.  AcA: Academic Analytics provides data that are essentially publicly available, including articles and conference proceedings from publishers who submit to CrossRef and have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), book and book chapters from Baker & Taylor and The British Library, federal research grants from 14 different agencies, clinical trials from the NIH U.S. National Library of Medicine, patents from and national and international honorific awards from the Academic Analytics database, a repository of 17,000+ awards that come directly from national governing societies.
  2. OSP: Enterprise Analytics provides information from KU Medical Center’s Sponsored Programs Administration detailing extramural funding awards received, including the title, funding amounts, start and end dates and personnel involved on the grant such as the PI, Co-PI, co-investigator and key person.
  3. FACT: We bring in certain elements from FACT, namely awards and honors at the state/local/university level, presentations, reviewerships, media appearances and memberships.

Faculty Insight and Experts at KU are not meant to be a full representation of a curriculum vitae, nor a replacement for FACT due to time limitations. For example, articles only go back to 2004 in the Academic Analytics database. Additional extramural funding award information that is coming from our Sponsored Programs Administration is currently scheduled to be refreshed twice a year. Works that we bring over from FACT are a static upload, currently updated once a year, with the opportunity to make a connection to FACT with more immediate refreshes in the upcoming year. If you see an egregious error in the data, or you believe there are significant works missing (within the scope mentioned above), please contact Matt Schuette, director of institutional research & academic analytics.

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