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Official Academic Accreditations Report

The University of Kansas is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  You can view the current status here

A majority of the Medical Center's health professional programs (e.g. medicine, nursing, public health, physical therapy) are externally accredited by an appropriate national professional organization, and such accreditation is often necessary for graduates to be licensed to practice or to pursue employment with certain agencies.  Further, gaining or maintaining accreditation is a mark of excellence due to the rigorous review on curriculum, faculty credentials and training, and evaluation of program resources (e.g. facilities and supporting finances).

The Office of Enterprise Analytics maintains updated information regarding the accreditation status of programs at the Medical Center. The reports published here show the accreditations as of January 1.

For questions regarding this report, please contact Enterprise Analytics.

KUMC Program Accreditation Report as of September 2021

Last modified: Sep 10, 2021
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