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Research Awards Directly Sponsored by NIH

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) maintains an online, searchable public repository of all NIH-funded research projects. Awards are categorized by organizational name, funding mechanism, NIH department combining name - a name was chosen by the PI and institution as a way of awarding the grant to a particular department category (e.g. Physiology), NIH MC combining name (Schools of Medicine, Schools of Arts and Sciences, etc.), and whether or not the award is to be attributable to a Medical School.

Prior to FFY 2006, the NIH published non-departmental ranks for various Schools; since 2006, the NIH no longer computes these rankings. Although KUMC's Enterprise Analytics office produced its own "internal" rankings for KUMC administrators, Medical Schools across the country use and cite the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research (BRIMR) rankings as the definitive source. BRIMR summarizes the data based upon the organizational name, and they publish ranks at the department level as well.

In almost all cases, the ranks currently produced by Enterprise Analytics agree with BRIMR. One reason for Enterprise Analytics to continue its own download of NIH data and production of ranks is as a double-check against BRIMR. There have been several instances where this work has led to discussions with BRIMR, resulting in modifications to their data and ranks. Sometime between late November and early December, the NIH freezes the most recent Federal Fiscal Year data. BRIMR typically publishes its ranks in mid-December and Enterprise Analytics follows suit soon after.

Rankings back to FFY 2006 are available upon request.

NIH Funding Totals and Ranks, Federal Fiscal Year 2021

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