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Vision, Mission and Responsibilities

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Enterprise Analytics (EA) partners with business owners by providing: accurate data; powerful, easy-to-use, and highly available tools; institutional research; and insightful analysis for decision support.

We are successful when:

  • EA provides integrated, authoritative and accurate information about administrative, research, educational, and clinical components of the enterprise.
  • EA is engaged as a consulting partner for the lifecycle of data-driven projects, decision support, and process improvement initiatives. 
  • EA is where people go to get impartial answers to difficult questions dependent on data and analysis.
  • EA's tools and support are integrated into the daily work of our partners.  (Ex: people would panic if QlikView was unavailable).
  • EA works with the organization to define and then provide the measurement and analysis component of the Baldridge Performance Excellence Framework (Component 4: knowledge management portion provided with Organizational Improvement).
  • EA share/publish our processes and methods.  As a state institution, we provide transparency into our processes and data models in comparison with commercial counterparts.  We aspire to advance the practice of business intelligence and analytics.  Long term, we seek to partner with other key stakeholders in the state and region. 
  • EA is a fun and stimulating place to work.  There are continual opportunities for professional development and new exciting projects that at their core serve the health mission of our institution (education, research, clinical, administrative support). 

Enterprise Analytics (EA) is dedicated and committed to providing best-in-class information and analysis through data warehousing, business intelligence, and expert consultation; improving KUMC's decision making and operational efficiency/excellence.  These include:

Data Management, Warehousing, and Aggregation

Implement tools and techniques for the efficient acquisition, organization, integration and secure storage of KUMC mission-critical data including financial, institutional, payroll, human resources, educational, research, and clinical data.

Information Delivery

Deliver and publish information for our customers through standard reports, system data interfaces, and self service business intelligence tools. 

Organizational Metadata and Data Governance

A challenge to successfully querying and reporting on enterprisedata assets is to understand the data and the hidden business rules and policies that are used to create and store it. Enterprise Analytics looks for opportunities to organize and build suitable data models, provide data dictionaries, and other training and documentation so that KUMC leaders can best understand and leverage our data assets.

Detailed Analysis, Institutional Research, leading to Knowledge Creation

Analytic needs often uncover system deficiencies as people want to understand their data and workflows across systems.  As conduct analysis also work with the larger support services team to provide recommendations for system redesign; improving our business processes.

The Responsibilities of Enterprise Analytics are to:

  • Develop, deploy, and support business intelligence and analytics initiatives at KUMC.
  • Oversee the data repository for the Medical Center containing views or copies of source system table, and transformations necessary for intelligent reporting, thus ensuring that KUMC users have access to data necessary to make informed decisions.
  • Foster and maintain a comprehensive analytics and reporting environment, ensuring that KUMC has the analytic and reporting tools to support decision making.
  • Lead or assist in the preparation of official KUMC responses for institutional compliance, to external surveys and questionnaires, and to support the KUMC community with ad-hoc data requests. For more details, please see Institutional Research at KUMC.
  • Produce, maintain, and coordinate centrally available dashboards, analyses, and reports for the Medical Center community.
  • Work with key KUMC functional leaders to maintain high data quality in KUMC information systems and in the data repository.
  • Train and assist enterprise analytics users at the Medical Center with the reporting environment.
  • Promote a business intelligence culture in the KUMC community, and work to make the use of business intelligence pervasive within the Medical Center.

Important Links

Please visit our Data & Fact Books for detailed information about our campus, and our Resources to access portals like QlikView and Faculty Insight.

Enterprise Analytics

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