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Fee Schedule

To generate funds for maintaining the laboratory, a cost-sharing arrangement for using the facility has been established. The support of the EMRL also includes institutional subsidy.

bronchus magnified

Fee Schedule for KUMC Reseachers ***
Current Inside User Fees


EMRL Services

Process, embed & section & contrast for TEM $29.00/sample
Samples already embedded section and contrast for TEM $20.00/sample
Process & embed for 1 micron only stained with Toluidine blue $22.00/sample
Use of TEM (must be trained by staff) 67.00/hour
Negative staining Prep for TEM 9.00/sample
Process, critical point dry, sputter coat wet prep SEM 16.00/sample
Process dry sample for SEM 14.00/sample
Use of SEM (must be trained by staff) 24.00/hour

*** Investigators outside the KU system need to contact Pat St. John for outside price list and availability.

Last modified: Jul 22, 2019
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