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Weather Warning Alerts and Procedures

NOTE: The University of Kansas Medical Center launched an intranet on June 20, 2016, to provide easier access to information and tools used by our faculty and staff. Valid KU Medical Center network credentials are required to access the intranet.

Many of the forms and procedures for Emergency Management have been relocated to the intranet. If you are affiliated with another institution and are interested in collaborating or learning more about our procedures, please contact University Emergency Management at

What is Inclement Weather?

Inclement weather can include any kind of extreme weather, which might create hazardous conditions or significantly impair normal operations at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC). Types of inclement weather that Kansas may experience include:

How Does Campus Receive Notification?

For inclement weather conditions where campus personnel needs to be notified for emergency action (i.e. Tornado warnings, etc.), the campus will be notified through the following methods, for further information on the following communication methods, check our campus communications page. It is important to note that not all inclement weather conditions require emergency notification.

  • RAVE text messaging system. Ensure your number is up to date by following the instructions listed here. You must opt in to see these alerts.

  • Alertus Beacons located throughout the University Buildings will sound, flashlights, and have a scrolling message on the emergency to be warned about - these are loud but necessary

  • Procedures on notifications of campus closings and delays due to inclement weather can be found intranet page.

Division of Public Safety

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