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Bomb Threat / Suspicious Package

All bomb threats must be treated as a serious matter. Though many threats are meant to disrupt normal activities, each threat must be considered real until proven otherwise by the appropriate personnel.

If a bomb threat is made, or if a suspicious object or potential bomb is discovered:

  • DO NOT handle the object
  • Clear the area
  • Call 911 from any campus phone or 913-588-5030 from any cell phone and include any information (i.e. location, appearance) about the object as possible

If a threat is made by phone:

  • DO NOT put the caller on hold
  • DO NOT attempt to transfer the call
  • DO NOT hang up the phone that the call came in on. If at all possible, signal someone nearby to contact KUPD at 911 from any on-campus phone or 913-588-5030 from any cell phone
  • Take as many notes as possible and document anything you may hear during the call
  • Complete the Bomb Threat Checklist below

ATF Bomb Sheet Checklist

Division of Public Safety

University of Kansas Medical Center
Emergency Management
Mailstop 1001
2100 West 36 Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66160