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Emergency Management

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Bomb Threat / Suspicious Package

All bomb threats must be treated as a serious matter. Though many threats are meant to disrupt normal activities, each threat must be considered real until proven otherwise by the appropriate personnel.

If a bomb threat is made, or if suspicious object or potential bomb is discovered:

  • DO NOT handle the object
  • Clear the area
  • Call 911 from any campus phone or 913-588-5030 from any cell phone and include any information (i.e. location, appearance) about the object as possible

If a threat is made by phone:

  • DO NOT put the caller on hold
  • DO NOT attempt to transfer the call
  • DO NOT hang up the phone that the call came in on. If at all possible, signal someone nearby to contact KUPD at 911 from any on campus phone or 913-588-5030 from any cell phone
  • Take as many notes as possible and document anything you may hear during the call
  • Complete the Bomb Threat Checklist below

ATF Bomb Sheet Checklist

    Last modified: Sep 28, 2020