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Guardian Download and Set Up

Ready to get started? Follow these steps: 

*This is an optional application. It is your choice to download the app or not. If you have trouble downloading the app, please contact your phone provider. 

1. Download the Free Mobile app for your cell phone.   Apple Guardian App    Android App link

2. Enter in your mobile number.

3. Rave Guardian will verify with a text code. Enter the code.

3. The app will ask if it's you - make sure your profile is up-to-date by clicking your avatar / icon.

4. Pick your campus (you can always change on the settings page).

You're In! You should see all the features of Rave Guardian.

If you have questions on use, just contact

Division of Public Safety

University of Kansas Medical Center
Emergency Management
Mailstop 1001
2100 West 36 Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66160