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Be Prepared at Home

As we get into tornado season, high winds are also an increased risk and may affect your home and business. Here are some tips from FEMA to help you prepare for the challenges this season can bring. 

We want you to arrive each day to class or work in a safe and healthy way, we want you to be prepared for any emergency here on campus, but also want to ensure you are prepared at home. You should have the peace of mind to know your family, friends, and pets are safe if something should happen while at home or while you are away. Make sure you are prepared at home with the following tips from and PrepareMetro KC.


build a kit. make a plan. be informed.

Build a Kit

Have a Kit

There are many items that can go in your family specific emergency kit, try to add basic items that your household may need in an emergency such as, water, food, first aid supplies, clothing, bedding, tools, etc. (sorry, but that probably won't include that new pair of summer sandals you just bought). Have enough supplies to last for at least 72 hours. Here are some recommended supplies that you can work   off of to get some ideas:

Man with a plan Make a plan

You and your family may not be together when a disaster strikes, so it's important to plan in advance. How will you get to your designated safe place? How will you contact one another? These are all questions that need to be worked out and understood before a disaster occurs.

Be Informed


Different types of disasters will cause different types of responses. For example, flooding may require evacuation, while a chemical release may require you to stay inside. You also need to be familiar with the types of disasters in your area (we have more than just tornadoes here). And with families and citizens traveling more than ever before, you may be impacted by a hazard you are not at risk at here in Kansas. Knowing what you're "up against" will help to protect yourself and your family. Take a look at the KUMC Emergency Procedures Guide for actions to take on campus, or PrepareMetro KC and for more information on hazards all over the world.


Last modified: Sep 10, 2018