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Denise Zwahlen, MD

Denise Zwahlen
Associate Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health

Professional Background

Dr. Zwahlen began her academic career at the University of New Mexico where she developed, implemented and maintained the geriatric curriculum in the School of Medicine. She also honed her skills in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) facilitation, case development and tutor training. At the University of Kansas, Dr. Zwahlen serves an integral role in the development and delivery of geriatric content for medical students, family medicine residents and geriatric fellows. She serves as PBL coordinator for the School of Medicine with the responsibility of reviewing PBL content as well as training of new PBL facilitators. Dr. Zwahlen served as an Assistant Director for the Orr Learning Society prior to being assigned the Director of the Cates Learning Society.



Dr. Zwahlen focuses her research efforts on educational innovation and evaluation. She was key faculty in Reynold's Foundation grant projects in geriatric education at both the University of New Mexico and the University of Kansas. She has been funded by the Medical Alumni Innovative Teaching Fund at the University of Kansas for multiple educational projects.