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Dykes Library Policies

Please review our policies below:

Library Affiliates
The A. R. Dykes Library of the Health Sciences is open 24/7 to KUMC, KU Edwards, KU Lawrence and University of Kansas Hospital ID badge-holders and KUMC Emeritus Faculty.

Library Guests
Access is granted to Kansas Regents schools' faculty and students who are engaged in study or research related to the sciences and medicine with current student identification and between the hours of 8 am - 10 pm daily.

Dykes Library welcomes guests and non-affiliated students* who wish to use library resources for health information and scholarly research related to the health sciences. Guest access hours are 8 am - 6 pm, Monday through Friday. For access on weekends between 8 am and 6 pm, please call the User Services desk at 913-588-7166.

During these business hours a temporary "Info Pass" may be granted for a period of up to 5 days. The Info Pass includes building access and onsite access to electronic resources. The pass does not allow access to library study rooms, remote access to electronic resources or library materials for check-out. Guests must present current photo ID and agree to the access policy. A valid form of photo ID must be presented at each visit to gain entry. After the Info Pass has been used for 5 days in a calendar year, a membership must be purchased to access the building and resources.

Library Memberships
A Library Membership includes building access, borrowing privileges, and onsite access to electronic resources. A membership does not allow 24 hour access, Library study room use or remote access to electronic resources.

Memberships may be purchased from the Library Content and Access Services desk from 8 am - 6 pm, Monday through Friday. A current Library Membership Card, along with a valid form of photo ID (students may use a current student ID), must be presented at each visit to gain entry.

Members of the public are advised to call the Content and Access Services desk at 913-588-7166 or email to get more information about the Library's Access policy.

Any individual in the Library building without KUMC, KU, KU Hospital, Guest or Membership credentials will be asked to complete the permission process or leave the building immediately.

Any individual in the Library who is disruptive will be given a verbal warning to stop the disruptive behavior. If a second warning is warranted or if campus security is called, the individual will be asked to leave the building and forfeit use of the Info Pass or membership. No refunds will be given if an individual forfeits the membership due to disruptive behavior.

*Non-affiliated refers to non-Regents Kansas or other state colleges or universities
**Valid forms of photo ID include driver's licenses, passports, and active college/university ID badges

The mission of the A.R. Dykes Library is to engage minds through the discovery and sharing of knowledge by connecting people with information anywhere, anytime.

Dykes Library's resources, including the computer workstations and networks, are provided to support the research, education, and patient care programs of KUMC. These resources are available to KUMC students, faculty, and staff in support of the university's mission. As a courtesy, we permit limited access to members of the public and non-affiliated students in accordance with the Library Access Policy.

KUMC computer equipment may not be used to support private ventures, nor to solicit or proselytize others for religious or political causes or outside organizations. In addition, these workstations may not be used to display, print, or transmit electronic information (text, images, video, or sound) that is offensive to a reasonable person and creates a potentially hostile environment for employees or visitors except as may be appropriate in the educational, research, or clinical contexts.

Computer workstations may be monitored periodically to ensure compliance with this use policy.

All computer resource use in the Library must adhere to the Appropriate Use of Information Systems Policy* and the Internet Use Policy* created by the KUMC Information Resources department. Failure to adhere to these policies as well as those listed below may result in the revocation of the individual's ability to use the facilities and resources.

  1. The use of equipment in the Library for transmission of information disparaging to others based on race, origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or political belief is not permitted under any circumstances. Likewise, Library equipment cannot be used to solicit or proselytize others for commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations, or for personal gain. Any person caught using university equipment to impede, interfere with, impair, or otherwise cause harm to the activities of others will lose all rights to use the Library.
  2. Only authorized staff may install software or hardware on university owned computers.
  3. All material downloaded or copied electronically must adhere to existing Copyright Policy*. Any person failing to adhere to existing copyright laws could lose their right to use the facilities.
  4. Excessive downloading or printing of information resources available through the library is not permitted due to Library licensing agreements. Activities such as downloading entire journal issues or e-books or using automated programs to download resources may result in the loss of individual access to library resources. Moreover, this could result in KUMC losing institutional access to these resources.
  5. To prevent accidental damage to library resources, food and drinks must be in sealed containers when outside of the designated area located in the southwest corner of the library on the main level. Users may be held liable for any damage done to Library equipment and materials.
  6. All information that students wish to save must be saved on some external storage media. The Library is not responsible for any items stored on the computer hard drives since the hard drives are erased daily.
  7. Each student is responsible for the cost of all materials submitted to the printers including materials which are printed in error.

* If you do not have KUMC credentials, you may view these policies by searching within KUMC Policy Stat.

Many individuals come to the library to read or study in quiet. Out of respect for other patrons, please set cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode.

When making a call, please restrict all calls to the ground floor vending area or the library foyer. Users engaged in cell phone conversations elsewhere in the library will be directed to these two locations.

Additionally, in order for us to serve you better, please refrain from cell phone use at the user services desk. Thank you for your cooperation.

The A.R. Dykes Library allows food and drink in the vending area on the ground floor of the library. Be sure to dispose of trash in the receptacles that are provided.

Food is NOT ALLOWED outside the vending area, especially on or near the computers.

Drinks may be taken anywhere in the facility if in a container with a screw-on lid (soda in a bottle) or a "to-go cup" with a screw-on lid. We want to do everything possible to minimize spills which are harmful to computers, stain carpet and attract insects and vermin.

Thank you for your help in keeping your library and learning center clean and attractive.

Our goal: to establish an environment where staff and patrons are provided information and directions for maintaining safety in the event of severe weather.

Tornado Watch or Severe Thunderstorm Watch: means that conditions are conducive to the development of tornados or severe thunderstorms in our Watch Area (namely, Wyandotte County).

What to expect:

  • User Services Staff will announce the Watch over the PA system alerting patrons that a Tornado Watch or Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect.
  • You may see Staff closing blinds around the building in work and public areas.
  • You may be asked to move to the first floor if a Warning message comes over the PA.

Tornado Warning: means a tornado has been sighted or a Severe Thunderstorm has been confirmed:

What to expect:

  • User Services Staff will announce a "CODE GRAY" or "Tornado Warning" over the PA system instructing patrons to move immediately to SAFE AREAS:
    • Restrooms on the ground floor
    • Emergency stairwells at the first floor
    • Interior walls; away from all windows or skylights
  • Library Staff will assists patrons in locating the safe areas
  • Staff will move to a safe areas as well
  • Library Staff or Emergency Personnel will announce when a Watch or Warning has ended

Policy updated August 2011

Sleeping by KUMC students, faculty or staff, beyond the usual short study nap, is discouraged in Dykes Library. Using the library as living quarters is prohibited. In either instance, staff may wake a sleeping person and/or ask those who are disruptive to leave the library.

Members and community users: the library is available to you for medical research and health information seeking purposes and sleeping is not allowed.

  • Rooms may be reserved for up to 6 hours per day, per person or group
  • No more than 2 reservations may be made in the same day (person or group)
  • Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance, not including today
  • If a room is empty with no reservation, you may use it and/or make an immediate reservation
  • If a reservation isn't claimed within 20 minutes, library staff can reserve the room for you
  • Occupants may remain in a study room past their reserved time but may be asked to vacate if needed/reserved by others past the initial reservation end time
  • Return the study room to the state you found it in. Move furniture back in place, plug equipment back in and clean up any trash. Anti-bacterial wipes are available at stations throughout the library
  • Study rooms must be vacated, along with one's belongings, during designated hours to allow Housekeeping to clean and sanitize the rooms

* The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items and personal belongings should not be left unattended in study rooms (lockers for temporary storage are available on the ground floor for a refundable deposit of $0.50). We reserve the right to move any unattended personal items to lost and found - inquire at the library front desk.

Library Hours and Contact Info

A.R. Dykes Library
Mailstop 1050
2100 W 39th Ave
Kansas City KS 66103