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Dykes Library Memberships

The A.R. Dykes Library of Health Sciences is open to KUMC guests who wish to use library resources for health information and scholarly research related to the health sciences from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. A Guest Pass allows patrons to use library resources free of charge 5 times, after which time guests are asked to purchase a membership.

All memberships require ID to verify status and membership eligibility. All memberships are active for one year from date of payment or for designated terms. Interested? Download and fill out the membership application.

Please note - due to publishers' licensing restrictions, the library cannot grant access to electronic subscription content (databases, e-journals, e-books) off-campus to membership clientele. Items (books, journals) must be used within the library and cannot be checked out. Peripherals such as headphones and happy lights are not eligible for Member use.

For Profit Membership
Note: If you are an employee of a corporation or an organization and are utilizing the library on behalf of the corporation or organization, you are required to purchase a corporate and organizational membership.

  • Privileges for one person
    • Per additional person
  • $1000/year
  • $100/year
Student Rates*
  • $150/year or $60/term
  • $200/year or $75/term
Non Profit*
  • Kansas Individuals for personal use
  • Non-Kansas Individuals for personal use
  • Kansas Individuals working for non-profit entities
  • Non-Kansas Individuals working for non-profit entities
  • $175/year
  • $200/year
  • $225/year
  • $250/year
Courtesy Rates*
  • KUMC Emeritus Faculty
  • KUMC Visiting Scholars**
  • Dean's Club Members of KU Endowment
  • Paid members of the KUMC Alumni Association
  • Science Pioneer, Archie Dykes Library Special Award winners
  • Immediate family members of KUMC faculty and staff.
    Children must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Free

*All memberships require ID to verify status.
**Requires a letter from sponsoring university or KUMC/KU Hospital department

Library Hours and Contact Info

Library Building
Monday – Friday 7:30am – 11pm
Saturday – Sunday 6pm – 11pm

Reference Services
Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

A.R. Dykes Library
Mailstop 1050
2100 W 39th Ave
Kansas City KS 66103