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Principle 1: Create an Equitable Culture that Respects the Diversity of our People

Native American Cultural Event

Purpose: Outlines best practices and resources for fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people according to their circumstances.

Best Practices for Individual Accountability:

  • Take a self-assessment of your own biases.
  • Assess your understanding and comfort level with addressing differences in equity.
  • Analyze resources below to assist with self-reflection.
  • Seek support from KUMC organizations and commit to attending a KUMC DEI cabinet sponsored event.
  • Be intentional with your actions and commit to a lifelong process of discovery and change.

Best Practices for Institutional Accountability:

  • Intentionally consider, select, and support learners, faculty and staff who value equity.
  • Ensure that an equity lens informs all decision-making at KUMC.
  • Create and develop structure and processes that support sustainability and accountability; avoiding barriers, such as “hallway hires."
  • Reward and value time dedicated to creating a diverse culture of equity, such as protected time, scholarship, etc.

Things to Avoid:

  • Don’t assume that having diverse individuals on your project team, committee, or department will negatively impact overall leadership skills in the group due to a perceived lack of experience in traditional leadership roles or that leadership is most successful when a group is homogeneous. A diverse group often enhances leadership decisions and co-mentoring will bring equitable growth in leadership to all members.
  • Don’t assume that individuals from traditionally oppressed groups are the sole beneficiaries of a culture that values and enhances diversity and inclusion.  Equity (i.e. “leveling the playing field”) goes both ways, and often the person who assumes they have the least to learn benefits greatly and grows the most.
  • Don’t make decisions in isolation.
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