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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit

Providing best practices and resources to empower KUMC students, faculty, staff, patients and community partners to create, experience, grow or maintain a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.



KUMC values accountability, intersectionality and the celebration of differences within our teaching, learning, working and volunteering environments. This Toolkit can be utilized to foster or optimize your department’s or team’s goal in achieving a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. A strong commitment to DEI efforts may help attract and retain skilled and talented employees and students dedicated to excellence in education, research, patient care, and community and global initiatives. Patients and community partners will benefit from and appreciate surroundings that value respect, empathy, civility, and belonging.

  • Diversity – The state of being in which all human differences are valued and incorporated into the fabric of our community.

  • Equity – The fair treatment for all people according to their circumstances, providing access, tools and opportunities allowing individuals the ability to succeed and advance in their endeavors.

  • Inclusion – The act of creating environments in which any individual or group is welcomed, respected, supported and valued.

Additional Tools