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About the REPAIR Project

REPAIR = Theoretical framework for coordinating anti-racism initiatives throughout the institution, including curriculum development, continuing medical education, addressing unequal health outcomes in our clinics and collaboration with the community.

The REPAIR Project is designed to address anti-Black racism and augment Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) voices and presence in science and medicine. This project addresses racism in medicine as an educational problem by providing a theoretical framework for coordinating and implementing social justice and anti-racism curriculum throughout the medical center. The REPAIR framework is being implemented at the University of Kansas Medical Center and the University of California San Francisco.

The REPAIR framework recognizes that long-standing racial inequities in health, health care institutions and academic scholarship result from systemic race-based structural violence and racism in society as a whole. The framework seeks to promote curriculum and policy changes to stimulate efforts to rectify and ultimately eliminate these problems. In “Faces at the Bottom of the Well,” legal studies scholar and civil rights activist Derek Bell (1993) reminds us that discussions of injustices experienced by Black Americans continue to distill and serve as a guide for ending racial injustice for other groups.

Primary Objective

Each activity, training and learning module developed under the REPAIR framework is designed and structured to meet one or more of four pillars within the theoretical framework. These pillars will also be used to guide the development of new research, inform institutional policies and practices and enhance community engagement

Institution-Level Theoretical Framework

Institution-wide programs are organized around four main pillars of understanding:

1. History 2. Decolonize 3. Action 4. Accountability

Teaching the history of systemic racism, of perpetuating racism and reinforcing theories of racial difference and racial inferiority in medicine.

Decolonizing the health sciences. Removing teaching content, revising research practices and correcting clinical approaches that reinforce racist stereotypes or that support a racially tainted understanding of human biology. 

Developing strategies to address structural racism and other -isms from a socio-ecological perspective.

Collaborating with communities to envision how the field of medicine can repair these harms.

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The REPAIR Project began at the University of California San Francisco as a three-year strategic initiative designed to address anti-Black racism and augment Black, Indigenous, People of Color voices and presence in science, medicine and health care. At that institution, "REPAIR" is an acronym for REParations and Anti-Institutional Racism, which provides the unifying theme behind the project.

The University of Kansas Medical Center is proud to be partnering with UCSF in this endeavor.  Please visit the UCSF REPAIR Project online.

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