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How do we repair the harms caused by centuries of neglect, exploitation and abuse in clinical encounters? How do we repair the harms caused by teachings and educational content that have justified this mistreatment of people of color by circulating and upholding theories of race, racial difference and racial inferiority?

Envisioning Racism and REPAIR Oral History Project

Did you grow up in the Kansas City area? We’d like to invite you to participate in a focus group as part of our oral history research project.

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The REPAIR Project is a multi-institutional anti-racism collaboration with the University of California at San Francisco and communities of color surrounding the University of Kansas Medical Center campuses. Our collective goal is to create positive change and improve equitable health experiences for people of color. What does creating positive change look like?

  • Forming relationships with the communities we serve;
  • Hearing community members’ lived experiences and past and present harms within the medical system through listening sessions;
  • Developing solutions and repairs through revisions to current policies and programs; and
  • Creating new opportunities within our institution that will support and serve people of color.

REPAIR in the News

Kansas Citians talk first-hand knowledge of medical bias in health care

KSHB 41 | March 30, 2023

Doctors, professors, patients speak on effects of bias in medical settings, changes in motion to improve care

Caring for KC

Cumulus Kansas City radio stations | Sept. 7, 2022

REPAIR leaders Drs. Jason Glenn and Jill Peltzer and REPAIR community representative Guietta Payne joined host Darron Story for a conversation about the project and its goals. 

Health Outcomes Assembly brings together health care, education and nonprofits to reflect and strategize on health disparities

KU Medical Center news | Aug. 29, 2022

Dr. Glenn presented about the REPAIR Project during KU Medical Center's second annual Health Outcomes Assembly, explaining how the project aims to coordinate anti-racism initiatives.

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