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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Cabinet

Discover the roles and members of the Diversity & Inclusion, Health Equity and Community Engagement, Metrics & Best Practices and Programming committees.


Cultivate diverse, equitable and inclusive environments in which to learn, work and serve.

Purpose and Authority

The purpose of the Vice Chancellor’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Cabinet is to assume responsibility for campus-wide activities and goals related to diversity, equity and inclusion, including efforts that address community engagement, cultural competency, equity, civility and professionalism, and to advise the Vice Chancellor on related matters.

Cabinet Objectives

  1. Sustain open lines of communication from all areas of campus to the Executive Leadership Team on matters pertaining to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  2. Fulfill the goals set forth by the Cabinet to ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus environment.
  3. Demonstrate the value of diversity, equity and inclusion on campus through transparent transactions of the Cabinet’s strategic initiatives.
  4. Establish, track and report on accountability measures pertaining to diversity, equity and inclusion. 5. Establish, support and advocate for cultural competency and unconscious bias in all curricula experiences, including didactic, clinical and interprofessional.
  5. Serve as a resource network to enhance the work, learning and research environment at KU Medical Center.

The Vice Chancellor’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Cabinet shall consist of appointed members representing campus units and community members. While some areas have standing representation, such as Human Resources and the Equal Opportunity Office, other areas will rotate representation to ensure ongoing balanced representation as well as Cabinet efficiency. Cabinet members are to be members of at least one committee.


Framework and Strategic Initiatives

Framework and Strategic Initiatives (login required)

KU Climate Study

Vice Chancellor’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Cabinet Members

  • Bradley Barth
  • Danielle Binion
  • Giulia Bonaminio
  • Kristina Bridges
  • In-Young Choi
  • Tom Field, Ex Officio
  • Jason Glenn
  • Ryan Gove
  • Chris Harper
  • Joseph Hines II
  • Tanya Honderick
  • Hope Krebill
  • Julius Leary
  • Rebecca Lepping
  • Colleen Loo-Gross
  • Jerrihlyn McGee
  • Zahra Nasrazadani
  • Christina Pacheco
  • Jill Peltzer
  • Maryellen Potts
  • Jaime Perales Puchalt
  • Michelle Redmond
  • Danyele Shelton
  • Dawn Shew
  • Sharla Smith
  • Kimberly Templeton
  • Donna Vandivier
  • Olivia Veatch
  • Sarah Velasquez
  • Eric Vidoni
  • Kimberly Weaver
  • Frances Yang
Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

University of Kansas Medical Center
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Mailstop 2015
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160
Phone: 913-588-3319
Fax: 913-588-1412