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Duval, Jaques (1555-1615).

Des Hermaphrodits Accouchemens des femmes et traitement qui est requis pour les relever en sante et bien elever leurs enfans. Ou sont expliquez la figure des laboureur et verger du genre humain.

Rouen, David Geuffroy, 1612.

A very rare work on the anatomy of the male and female organs, obstetrics and the care of the new-born child. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the book is the section on hermaphrodites (the author maintains that Adam was a hermaphrodite) and changes of sex. The case of Marin de Marcis, a woman who was accused of living as a man, is interesting in detail. The author personally investigated this case after the accused was ordered to be burnt. The extreme rarity of this book is due to the fact that the French Parliament ordered its seizure and suppression immediately after publication.

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