Phryesen, Lorenz (c.1480-1532).

Spiegel der Artzney, vor zeyten zu nutz unnd trost den Leyen gemacht...yetzund durch den selbigen Laurentium widerumm gebessert und in seinen ersten glantz gestelt.

Strassburg, Balthassar Beck, 1532.

"Laurentius Phryesen, Frisen of Frisius, a Dutch physician of Colmar, later city physician of Metz, published in 1518 his Spiegel der Artzny. This work contained two anatomic woodcuts, one representing the body down to the knees, the other a skeleton with names of the bones. These illustrations were 'much superior to any anatomic illustrations then known' (Choulant). Phryesen wrote in German and, while opposed to the doctrines of Paracelsus, whom he knew personally, sympathized with the latter's determination to compose medical treatises in German instead of Latin" (A History of Medicine, Ralph H. Major).

Bound with Gersdorff, Hans von. Feldtbuch der Wund-Atzney, sampt vilon Instrumenten der Chirurgey, auss dem Albucassi contrafayt. Strassburg, Hans Schotten, 1540.

The most richly illustrated edition of Gersdorff's great work, including the woodcut showing St. Anthony with a victim of ergotism.

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