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#1 Title: Toshima Tomiyo, The loyal wife who did not leave her husband Tomozo, a farmer, when he contracted Leprosy.

Artist: Taiso Yoshitoshi

Publisher: kinshodo

Censor seal: Kaisai

Carver: Hori Ta

Series: Postal Newspaper Issue #566

Single oban sheet.

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#1 The Postal News started in June of 1872. The paper employed Taiso Yoshitoshi for one year April of 1875 to the next spring. Working for the Postal News aloud Yoshitoshi to reach a mass audience on wide range of subject matter. This print is on a contemporary subject a wife taking care of her husband, notice the son and how he works more as a symbol of health, and not just a person in the print. Also refereed to in the title he makes sure to point out the wife she is for filling her duty with honor. In the Tokugawa society was rule by a strict class system the male female roles we just as important especially when it come to a serious subject as disease.

Yoshitoshi the Splendid Decadent by Shinichi Segi 1985 Kodansha international Ltd.

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