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KU Cancer Center Early Phase Program

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Searching for answers to cancer

Cancer clinical trials provide access to potential advancements in care and lead to medical innovations in cancer prevention and treatment. These trials also may be a patient's best chance for increased survival.

At the KU Clinical Research Center, we conduct clinical trials to identify safer and more effective approaches to prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Early phase, or phase I clinical trials are usually the initial testing of a new treatment.

The goals of the Early Phase Program are to:

  • Accelerate the translation of discoveries in the laboratory into clinical investigations
  • Partner with industry, government agencies and other large institutions to develop new treatments using precision medicine
  • Provide access to the most current early phase clinical trials using innovative treatments including novel targeted drugs and immunotherapy
  • Educate and train future oncology leaders in clinical research investigations aimed at improving the lives of patients with cancer
  • Achieve national program recognition

The KU Clinical Research Center is an important component of the cancer center's quest to achieve National Cancer Institute Comprehensive designation, further solidifying KU Cancer Center's leadership in cancer research and treatment.

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Last modified: Aug 23, 2019
KU Cancer Center Clinical Trials

We're here to help you learn about clinical trials and whether joining a trial is the right choice for you or your family member.

For information about a particular cancer clinical trial or about eligibility, go to the Cancer Center website or call the Research Nurse Navigator at 913-945-7552.

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