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Will insurance cover the cost of a clinical trial?

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Coverage varies

Coverage and costs will vary from person to person depending on the benefits provided by your employer, insurance company and type of policy. Some plans do not cover any care/costs while enrolled in a clinical trial because the treatment is deemed experimental. The costs associated with the clinical services provided while enrolled in a clinical trial fall into two general categories: Patient-care costs and research-care costs.

Your best course of action is to check with your employer, your insurance company and the research organization to fully understand what will or will not be covered prior to your participation in the clinical trial.

To encourage your insurance company to cover your participation in a clinical trial, read this National Cancer Institute checklist.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018
Will I Be Compensated for Joining a Trial?

Some trials offer compensation for study participants, and others don't. Check with the administrators of the trial you are considering.

How to Join a Clinical Trial

Would you like to talk to someone about participating in research at the Clinical Research Center?

For cancer trials, call


For other trials, call